At CSD Firearms Training we provide NC concealed carry classes, basic pistol, shotgun , rifle training, and firearms safety classes. Our goal is to educate the citizen on firearms safety ,proper firearms storage cleaning and maintenance. Educate the citizen on how to properly use firearms in a safe responsible manner and learn basic shooting skills.
it all starts in the classroom!

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Firearms Training

Concealed Carry Classes

We offer top-quality firearms training to help you develop the skills and knowledge necessary for concealed carry permit holders.

Rifle Classes

Our specialized rifle classes teach safe and accurate handling to beginners and experienced shooters, aiming to enhance their skills

Shotgun Classes

Experience the thrill of shooting a shotgun while learning proper techniques for aiming, shooting, and reloading. Our shotgun classes are suitable for all skill levels.

Firearms safety classes

firearms safety is most important keeping ourselves and others safe and making sure the firearms are locked up away form unauthorized access.

Firearms Training

Concealed Carry $75.00
a gun rack with a gun and a rifle on it
a gun rack with a gun and a rifle on it
Shotgun Training $75.00

Rifle Training $75.00

Time on the gun range

Here's what our customers say

CSD Gun Safety Class was great.!!! Heath takes gun safety very seriously. His focus and goal is to educate people and empower them in all aspects of gun ownership. Heath brings years of experience to his class. He spends time with each student addressing any questions and is totally hands on at his firing range. I am so thankful to have found Heath. He is a well respected member of our community. If you have never fired a weapon or it’s been a few years, I highly recommend CSD for Heath’s gun safety class.

Donna Wells

I was in Heath’s first class, so can honestly say from day one he was very professional and knew the course content completely. As anyone that has or is thinking about taking a concealed carry class, safety is at the top of the list. Heath started off with discussing safety and incorporated safety through the 8 hour course. Heath has great organizational skills. For example: when he takes you to the range to shoot, he keeps all students not shooting safely behind the two that are on the shooting line. After you shoot, you leave the range for lunch. Again he stresses safety to the maximum! I highly recommend this class to everyone that is thinking about taking a concealed carry class. I plan on taking it every year just as a refresher and to stay current with changes in the law. You will leave the class well trained and Heath supplies written information as well as some good links to keep you informed

Rodger Gagnon

Heath did an excellent job teaching this class! He obviously is passionate about what he teaches, is well qualified to teach it, and loves people. I greatly enjoyed the class and learned a lot!

Matthew Schrock

I highly recommend CSD Training. Heath is a superb instructor and made the class a very safe and enjoyable experience. And he presented the material in a way that really made it stick. If you live in Rutherford/Cleveland County and want to get your CCW this should be the class you take

Max DeLauter

Heath was an absolute GREAT instructor! He was kind, mindful, and even funny! He made my experience with the class a good time. He’s the best! Tamela Dickey

Heath was very knowledgeable and professional. He stressed gun safety over and over. He let the students get involved with scenarios that could possibly happen and how to handle the situation. He worked with the shooters in groups of two and made the entire experience a good one. My wife and I enjoyed the class and will highly recommend him!

Daniel Miller

My husband and I had a blast today learning gun safety and range etiquette from a brilliant instructor, Heath Bridges. He did not rush, he shared excellence safety guidance and walked us through everything at the range. So glad we chose CSD Firearms Training! We'll be coming back for our concealed carry ASAP! Thank you Heath!


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